TextCrafting is a text based game where the player can only create commands using words that the game has printed out for them already.

Game created by:

 Alex Huard

Nick Kowalchyk

Alex McGrath


TextCrafting.zip - Jam Version 1 MB
TextCrafting Engine 1.2.zip - PostJam Version 1 MB


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hey, great game, nice adventure, is there a way to open the box or is it just a red herring???


A bit of a red herring but there are a lot of silly interactions you can do with the box like wearing it!  

Even though you can't effectively open it, you may be able to get some useful verbs off of it.

thank you!!!  <3  I have completed it now   :D


Thanks for playing!

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Hi! I had great fun playing your game. And even more fun learning to write a story and make it playable by someone else. But I encountered many Fatal Errors and didn't know what to do next after the last one. Is double quote not allowed in the game?

What can be done with error in "Room Creation Code for room room()"?

I'm glad you're having fun with it!  The editing process may be a bit messy at parts since the game was made during a game jam.  If you want to email your file to playmygames@thexandan.com, I can give it a look and try to fix things on our end.

Double quotes may actually cause an issue with gamemaker since it loads the text file into an array when the game starts.  Something that didn't come up in testing unfortunately.  Try putting a \ character before the quote since that's the gamemaker escape character.  If that doesn't work for you I can give it a look tonight!